6 Top Tips for Weight Loss

16 Apr

As we approach the summer season, many people are hoping to shed a few lbs.


6 Breath of Life top tips for weight loss!


1. Eat slowly, chew the food well, use a small plate.


2. Plan your meals in advance.


3. Remember: ½ Vegetables, ¼  carbs, ¼ protein for each plate full of food is a good rule.


4. Avoid processed foods, preserved foods, all sauces, soft drinks and sugar.


5. Drink a fresh juice daily (now in our clinic you can buy a great juicer from Green Value for ONLY 195 euro!).


6. Weigh yourself twice a week and keep record (we find Tuesday and Friday best, asking someone to weigh you, maybe a friend, seems to work great for many people).

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