Top Tips for Better Sleep!

19 Mar



  1. Make a cup of Camomile, Verbena or Valerian Tea bags during evening.


  1. Have a shower or warm bath (add 8drops lavender to bath, relax for 20mintues.) Apply diluted oil to tummy and feet- 10drops lavender in grape seed oil base.


  1. 4 drops of lavender on the pillow just before sleep.


  1. Small bowl of muesli 30mins before bed, followed by a cup of camomile or valerian tea. Alternatively, try a small sandwich of banana or turkey and lettuce. These are high tryptophane foods which help induce sleep.


  1. Insomnia herbs 30minutes before bed.(available from Breath of Life shop).


  1.  Take Cal.Mag (calcium magnesium) 800mgs, if diet low in calcium, with muesli.

      7. Eat plenty of alkaline foods; veg, soups, fruit, calming foods- porridge with honey, homemade soups, carrots/parsnips/turnips, salads great!

8. Do Power nap every day (see blog). .



Reduce or avoid tea, coffee, stimulating drinks after 6 pm,

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