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1         Include 5-7 portions of salad or vegetables or fruit every day.
98% of people do not eat enough fresh food.

2         Increase SALADS, lettuce (different types), tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, peppers, grated carrot, chopped celery, sprouted seeds/beans, fresh coleslaw, etc.

3         Increase VEGETABLES, carrots, parsnips, turnip, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fresh peas, spinach, celery, cauliflower, asparagus, potatoes,  etc.

4         Increase FRUIT, apples, oranges, bananas, pears, kiwis, peaches, melon, plums,  etc.

5         Avocados are a particularly nutritious food. Have one weekly!

6         Manuka honey in place of sugar boosts immune system, prevents infections.

7         Increase ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS. Everyone needs more EFA in their diet.  They are used medically to reduce cholesterol and heart disease. Great for improving energy, well being and skin. Flaxseed, Olive, Sesame, Evening Primrose, Udos or Cod Liver Oil are recommended on a daily basis. Use 1-2 dessert spoons per day. Omega 3 EFA's are especially helpful in reducing cholesterol and can be taken as a supplement in capsule form- also can be used as a dressing for salads, stir-fries added to porridge etc. A little butter is fine if intake of saturated fat is low from other sources. 

8         Increase WHOLE -GRAINS as much as possible, brown rice, porridge, muesli, barley, millet, quinoa, ryvita, rice cakes, oat cakes, whole grain bread.

9         Use organic food, particularly meat, chicken and eggs which contain a lot of hormonal additives

10     Broccoli and carrots have anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.

11     Start the day with fruit and water. Pear, kiwi, melon, pineapple are best.

12     Eat fruit between meals or 20 minutes before meals, not after meals.

13     For better digestion, do not mix raw and cooked food together. eg. homemade soup and then salad, or coleslaw with dinner.

14     Reduce SALT as it causes fluid retention, increases desire for sweet things (yin and yang balance) and can lead to raised blood pressure. Use sea salt instead sparingly, chopped kelp even better.

15     Reduce SATUATED FAT. Obvious sources are easy to avoid, fries, chips and fatty meat. Not so obvious are cakes, biscuits, crisps and dairy.

16     Reduce SUGAR - cakes, sweets and biscuits, occasional indulgence is okay. Have smaller portions, eat them slowly and enjoy them. Stop feeling guilty.

17     Cut down on sugar, give up soft drinks completely. An average can of soft drinks contain at least 12 tsp of sugar. Use pure fruit juices instead, dilute with 50% of water. Home juicing ( fruit + veg) is best of all. 1 apple 1 carrot and 1 celery stick juiced makes a cleansing alkaline and nutritious drink. Use residue in soups. Centrifugal Juicers are fine.

18     If you use sugar on cereals substitute with a good quality honey. It is alkaline, calming and delicious.


19     Many people eat too much yeast, present in sliced bread, rolls mushrooms, fermented foods, wine etc.  Excess yeast leads to fungal infections, mood swings, fatigue and many other symptoms. Soda bread is best. Gin and Vodka contains no yeast.

20     Have breakfast like a king and supper like a pauper. Do not eat heavy meals after 8pm. Liver cleanses between 11pm and 3 am- ideally aim to be in bed for this time as the liver works best in a lying down position.

21     Generally, follow blood group diet if you know your blood group. It is like putting good quality fuel into a car, it will run more efficiently.

22     FASTING – Short fasts work wonders. Try a day or two with fresh juices, vegetables, fruit or soup only. Fasting cleanses the colon and liver, giving a great boost to energy and healing chronic ailments. Take Milk Thistle 15 drops twice daily to help detox.

23     Have an early dinner occasionally and a late breakfast the following day to allow 14-18 hours fast to help body detox naturally.

24     Drink 4-6 glasses ( filtered preferably) water daily between meals. Ideally, have a large glass of water 20 minutes before each meal.

25     If you can afford it have a water filter fitted to your tap(0l 4920414)

 Simply Water - Adrian Hamilton mention Roisin O'Kelly)

26     Water filtering is the next best thing to removing excess chlorine and fluoride.

27      70% of the body weight is water. On testing most people are a little dehydrated

so it is very unlikely that your intake of water is excessive.



28     Get out in the fresh air every day, 40 minutes aerobic exercise  (eg. brisk walking)

      3 times a week is advised by the W.H.O.

29   Exercise is important to keep the body's organ's healthy, it improves circulation, gives a sense of well being, helps the body to handle stress and increases fitness and vitality. Plan it or it will not happen. If meeting a friend for a chat, go for a walk instead of a cuppa. A recent American medical survey proved that exercise alleviates depression in more than 85% of cases. Endorphins are released which enhance the mood

30   Have a daily bath shower or swim. Water washes away more than physical dirt. Get to bed before 12 most nights and have a couple of early nights each week

31   If you have no time to exercise every day Do-Ins is a marvellous pick me up simply tap arms, legs, chest and tummy with closed fist for 5 minutes invigorating !

32   Try to get the balance of mind, body and spirit correct. Some people are fanatical about diet but never exercise. Food Fresh Air and Exercise where do you fall down?


33   Approach life graciously not hectically.

34   Have a quiet time everyday 20-30 minutes. Relaxation between 12 mid-day and 3pm is great if you can fit it in lie on a couch or bed, darken the room, take the phone off the hook, closing your eyes use deep-breathing and and mental imagery to restore energy and calm

35   Relaxation is something we all need. Many of us have forgotten the art and may need to re-learn it Practice it often. Reflect prayerfully on your past letting go of negative feelings

36 keep life simple, this goes for everything, cloths, meals, lifestyle.

37   Smile more it relaxes all your facial muscles.

38   Aim to be a positive person. Adopt a sense of gratitude in all you do

39   Do not criticise yourself or others. Criticism lowers your life force.

40  Do not moan------- Accept your situation or take steps to change it.

41  Do not nag---------  We are all guilty of this at times



42     Try to love yourself as you are----Give yourself a true sense of value

43     Live in the present, enjoy the moment Preoccupation with the past leads to depression. Preoccupation with the future anxiety.

44     Develop a sense of humour. Learn to laugh at yourself. If something fails, it is not the end of the world. Take it as one of life's lessons.

45     Have fun a couple of times a week. This covers a multitude

46     Childish games can be fun. Pillow fights, hide and seek, tickling, chasing, comedy films all help




47     Forgive yourself, God and others for your circumstances. You might need help with this one! Prayer is the key to peace, joy direction and wisdom in life. Counselling may help if you have deep – rooted problems.

48     Lately a new CD Rom on alternative health is available. Prayer is explored as a natural therapy as has been proven to improve health. Incredible as it sounds people who pray are happier and live longer.

49     Like any relationship, prayer needs time to grow. The first step is to make a time and place. Early in the morning is highly recommended.

50     Suggested prayer forms-Scripture is God's love letters to us You could start with St. Mathew's Gospel versus 5,6and7 – nuggets of wisdom for everyday life or the Psalm of James 1 for times when life is difficult. Mass, Rosary, Meditation,  and Prayer Groups are other options. Find a way to pray that you enjoy. It is the greatest power on earth.                                                       

 Rosin O' Kelly 

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