Dementia prevention simplified

4 Dec

1. Don't worry - why bother?

Laugh instead. Talk things out if you can.


2. Read a lot -

Especially Scripture and good language.


3. Have good friends.

Be faithful. Care for family.


4. Eat well- avoid junk food.

Take vitamins and fish oils and roughage.


5. Drink plenty of water.

Don't smoke. Moderate alcohol.


6. Enjoy listening to good music

And sing if you like to.


7. Love silence and peace.

Meditate simply.

Close eyes, close mouth, open heart.


8. Avoid too much noise and TV.

Get enough sleep. Rest your eyes.


9. Be forgiving. Let go all resentments.

Be easygoing and very tolerant.


10. Pray as you can and enjoy nature.

Be hopeful.

"A cheerful heart is good medicine"- Bible

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