4 Dec

Do You……….

1. Enjoy life to the full? 

2. Have a good appetite, enjoy your food, generally not over-eat and not rush meals? 

3. Have plenty of energy but with the ability to relax?

4. Enjoy exercise with the minimum of aches and pains? 

5. Have a bowel motion at least once a day? 

6. Have a positive outlook that tries to look for the good in every situation? 

7. Have a spiritual dimension to your life, material things taking second place? 

8. Have a calm, peaceful, forgiving approach to events as they arise, letting go of the past so as to live with enthusiasm in the future? 

9. Empathise with the suffering and celebrate with the joyful, not just locally but globally?

10. On occasion, laugh at yourself, not taking life too seriously?

What did you score out of 10?

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