Tips for Chronic Sleep Problems

21 Nov
Everyone knows what it feels like at some point in their life to be sleep deprived; a mixture between sheer exhaustion and frustration while running on auto pilot for the day following the restless night before. Sleep is vital when it comes to our well being and its importance goes way beyond just banishing our under eye circles.

Our bodies need sleep in order for the simplest bodily functions to work..memory, concentration, stress levels, repair of muscles, regulation of hormones.... the list goes on and on. 

So weather you lie awake at night for hours unable to fall asleep, or you wake up from a pin dropping during the night or perhaps you have no problem falling asleep it's only when you wake during the night for a glass of water or to go to the bathroom that your insomnia kicks in. Here are a few tips to help you fall in to that deep dreamy sleep we are all so desperate for....

1.      Use Chamomile or Valerian Tea bags before going to bed. Avoid caffeine late at night/evenings.

2.      Have a shower or warm bath (add 8drops lavender to bath, relax for 20mintues.) Apply diluted oil to tummy and feet- 10drops lavender in grape seed oil base.

3.      Small bowl of muesli 30mins before bed, followed by a cup of camomile or valerian tea.

4.      Insomnia herbs 30minutes before bed. Herbal blend of passionflower, Valerian, skullcap,oats and chamomile. (Contact clinic for further details)

5.       Take Cal.Mag (calcium magnesium) 800mgs, if diet low in calcium, with muesli.

6.      Eat plenty of alkaline foods; veg, soups, fruit. Reduce or avoid tea, coffee, stimulating drinks. Calming foods- porridge with honey, homemade soups, carrots/parsnips/turnips, salads great!

7.      Do Power nap every day.

~Sweet Dreams~
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