The Truth about Detoxing!!

17 Nov
Ok, so usually when people think of 'Detoxes' they automatically think of liquid diets, rabbit food and hunger pains! Detoxes also usually only ever come in to play to get rid of that guilty conscience that's developed after over indulging or in the run up to a big event i.e. Birthday parties, Weddings, School reunion, Christmas nights out... Places where you know all eyes will be on you!  

However, Detoxes don't have to be a 'punishment' for bad eating habits or a quick fix to get in to shape before 'D Date'! Detoxing should be part of your everyday lifestyle! It should not be looked upon as a 'Diet' but as good nutritional choices that you consciously make on a daily basis because you understand what foods your body like and need in order for you to feel at your optimal health!

Here in Breath of Life we have the motto that 'A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT YOU FANCY DOES YOU GOOD' So for example instead of eating a bar of chocolate with your cuppa in the evenings just have a 2 squares or instead of having that big slice of apple tart after dinner, half it with someone else! The idea is that your still getting a taste of what your craving but not over indulging where it will ruin all your good work for the day...

Below is a basic outline on what your everyday 'Detox' should entail... 

Increase: Natural Foods

1        Plenty of fresh vegetables (cooked and raw), salads, home-made soups and 2-3 pieces of fruit daily. Use wholegrain products in place of white flour products (e.g. brown rice, wholemeal bread, etc.)

2        Fruit or water to start every day, pears, kiwi and melon
are particularly good because of their cleansing effect on the bowel. Allow 20 minutes before eating breakfast ( if possible).  Have a good breakfast, fruit or water, muesli or porridge. Wholemeal cereals are best.  Have a large salad or home-made soups daily and plenty of vegetables with main meal.

3    4-6 glasses of filtered or bottled water daily between meals. Drink water at room temperature, not very cold. If you drink a lot of tea or coffee substitute a cup or two with a cup of boiling water adding a slice of lemon or orange.

Yummy fruit and Veg: Can be eaten raw or cooked, blended in to a soup, Juiced or used in a smoothie with natural yogurt   


1        Sugar sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, jams, ice-cream, red meat, yeast, tea/coffee, alcohol and sugar in tea. Avoid processed food as much as possible as they usually contain a large amount of sugar or salt.

2        Salt intake, use black pepper, herbs and a small amount of sea salt instead

3        Saturated Fat found in whole milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, meat, eggs and mayonnaise. Use low fat varieties. A little butter is acceptable.

Additional Advice

Exercise Some form of regular exercise 3-4 times a week is recommended by the World Health Organisation (walking and swimming are suitable for most people)

Rest do not work yourself to the point of exhaustion, take 15-30 minutes of relaxation ideally between mid-day and 3 pm every day to gather your thoughts and energy. This can greatly enhance well-being. Aim to be positive, calm, and forgiving and be aware of God’s presence in your daily life
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