Naturopathic Approach to Fertility Treatment

15 Jan

Hi there,
My name is Roisin O'Kelly and I've been working in natural healthcare for 25 years. My qualifications are Midwife, General Nurse, Children's Nurse, Herbalist, Naturopath and Reflexologist.

My interest in Fertility started in my early teens at the age of only 19. I was told that I may not be able to have any children due to the absence of my period for 6 years and therefore no ovulation. 

I was working as a nurse at the time and weighed only 7 stone. I was put on medications such as 'clomid' with no effect. When I got married, I gradually gained a little weight and soon found myself pregnant. Thank God! I am proud to have 4 grown-up children now and 1 grandson. 

A Naturopath looks at the deeper cause of Fertility in detail. Our holistic appoach is a bit like putting all of the ducks in a row or lining up the dominos so that they will all land perfectly into place.

As a therapist, there is nothing more joyful and rewarding for Aisling and I than seeing one of our clients deliver a healthy baby after years of effort and worry. 

What we, as Naturopathic Therapists review...

What happens when I go for a consultation?
  1. A detailed history is taken.
  2. Quality of hair, skin, nails and pulse is observed.
  3. Weight is observed and noted.
  4. Gut health is assessed through a particular Zinc test.
  5. Treatment varies depending on each client. We may advise Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, Stress Support, Health Supplements, Sleep Improvement Techniques, Course of Probiotics, External Castor Oil packs etc. 
  6. Follow Up Appointments are on a monthly basis. Normally, Mum comes first for 3 months and if no success, we include Dad in the programme. 

I have been working in this area for 25 years and am extremely passionate about helping my clients fulfill their dreams of being parents. I look forward to meeting you and seeing if we can help.

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