29 Aug Why Herbal Medicine?

Human beings have relied on plants for healing for thousands of years. There is scientific evidence that some herbs were used as far back as 4,000B.C. Yarrow, an important herb, was found in a carving in the rock of a prehistoric tomb. Herbs are grown in the life giving soil of earth which links us with a vibrant healing source, which make and keep us healthy.


The Chinese take it a step further; they believe that we inherit a certain amount of life force, or pre heaven Qi, from our parents. This cannot be added to by means of a healthy diet, supplements or exercise. However, certain herbs, especially Panex ginseng, can actually supply this vital essence if it is deficient, and hence improve our pre heaven Qi! Post heaven Qi- our day to day energy, can be improved with a healthy lifestyle and diet, but if we have not inherited good health, or need a boost, then herbs are invaluable.


Drugs, being man made, do not have this essential life force, and while useful for acute, short term problems, they deplete the life force if taken for a long term. For example, a child having frequent antibiotics can be tired, sleep poorly and become more sensitive to infections. An herb taken for a common cold carries a life force that can relieve headache, improves sleep, lift the mood and boosts the immune system. Herbs support vitality; even a few drops of the correct herb can have positive effects, not because it contains stimulating chemicals but because it contains natural, nourishing, safe and energetic substances. Taking herbal medicine can be compared to ingestion of very nutritive soups, containing vegetables, parsley, thyme, rosemary, garlic etc. In Kirlian photography, herbs have an emanating life force. When we take the herb, this life force works to improve whatever area of the body is weak, malnourished or diseased. In a personally tailored formula, where 6-8 herbs are given, the results can be dramatic. The life force can be fully recharged and the person can enjoy life again.


Directions for use:

5mls or 1 teaspoon added to 1/3 cup of recently boiled water (but not boiling). Wait 5 minutes for some of the alcohol to evaporate. Try to take the herb slowly, sipping over a few minutes, noticing the taste. Depending on your condition, your formula may be bitter. If you find it too difficult to take, add a few dessertspoons of fruit juice to sweeten the taste.


Children usually find the herbs very bitter so it is best to mix the herbs with hot water and juice from the first administration.

At a consultation in Breath of life, personalised herbs can be prescribed depending on current symptoms, either physical or emotional.

26 Aug 30 Ways to Better Health


1 Include 5-7 portions of salad or vegetables or fruit every day. Most people do not eat enough fresh food. Remember each colour is a different nutrient.

2 Drink Water 4-6 glasses (filtered preferably) between meals. To work out exactly how much you need per day, multiply your weight in kgs by 30mls. e.g. 60 kg x 30 mls = 1,800mls. We find most people are a little dehydrated. Remember tea can dehydrate you and should not be included as water intake for the day.

3 Increase SALADS - lettuce (darker lettuce is more nutritious), tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, peppers, grated carrot, chopped celery, beetroot, and sprouted seeds/beans. Substitute olive oil and balsamic vinegar for high fat dressings, mayonnaise etc.

4 Increase VEGETABLES – especially green veg, kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, fresh peas.Also include sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, turnip, squash, celery, cauliflower, red onion, leeks and asparagus.

5 Increase FRUIT - apples, oranges, bananas, nectarines, peaches, pears, kiwis, pineapples, peaches, melon, plums, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. Add fruit to cereal or eat in smoothies, or as a snack.

6 Increase ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS - Flaxseed, Fish oils, Olive, Sesame, Evening Primrose, and Cod Liver Oil. Everyone needs EFA’s! Try to get it from your diet daily. Oily fish, nuts and seeds and flax are best sources of Omega 3 - the most important oil, medically proven to reduce cholesterol and heart disease. A little butter is fine if intake of saturated fat is low.

7 Increase WHOLE -GRAINS brown rice, porridge, muesli, quinoa, ryvita, rice cakes, oat cakes, whole grain bread / wraps / pasta..

8 Reduce YEAST in diet - sliced white and brown bread, rolls, mushrooms, fermented foods, beer, wine etc.  Excess yeast can lead to fungal infections, mood swings, fatigue, recurrent infections and many other symptoms. Gin and Vodka contains no yeast. Breath of Life find that Irish people consume a lot of yeast and it is the most common sensitivity in the clinic.

9 Reduce SALT - It can cause fluid retention, increase desire for sweet things (yin and yang balance) and over time, can lead to raised blood pressure. Use sea salt or pink salt instead sparingly.

10 Reduce SATURATED FAT. Obvious sources are easy to avoid -fried and deep fried food, chips, fatty meat and cheese. Hidden sources are cakes, biscuits, ice cream, crisps and dairy! Coconut oil is the best oil for cooking; it can reach high temperatures safely.

11 Reduce SUGAR - cakes, sweets and biscuits. Give up soft drinks completely. An average can of soft drinks contain at least 12 teaspoons of sugar!  Occasional indulgence is okay. Have smaller portions, eat them slowly and enjoy them!When out for meals, share a dessert.Aim for 90% healthy and 10% of what you fancy!

12 Reduce PROCESSED FOODS, Read ingredients- most processed foods contain large amounts of sugar, salt and additives. One key to eating healthy? Avoid food that is advertised on TV!

13 Use organic food if possible, particularly fruit, veg, meat, chicken and eggs.

14 Include one super food every day. oily fish, avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, onions, spinach, dark coloured berries and fruits, almonds, walnuts, sprouted seeds, beans, green tea and dark chocolate (small amount!)

15 Start the day with fruit and water. Pear, kiwi, melon, pineapple are best. Ideally, eat fruit between meals or 20 minutes before meals, not after meals.

16 Do not mix raw and cooked food together, eg. homemade soup and then salad, or coleslaw with dinner. This tip is especially important for those who have digestive troubles.

17 Have breakfast like a king and supper like a pauper. Do not eat heavy meals after 8pm. From TCM perspective, liver cleanses between 11pm and 3am- if possible, aim to be in bed for this time.

18 Homemade Juices if possible. Juice 80% veg, 20% fruit. Good quality and good value masticating juicers available in the clinic. We recommend juicing for chronic ailments, fatique and cancer.

19 FASTING – Short fasts work wonders. Try a day or two with fresh juices, vegetables, fruit or soup only. Have an early dinner occasionally and a late breakfast the following day to allow 14-18 hours fast. For those interested, Our Blessed Lady of Medugorje recommends bread and water as the best fast, Wednesday and Friday being the most suitable days.

20 Get a water filter fitted to your tap – a good idea to remove excess fluoride and chloride and to improve quality of drinking water. 70% of the body weight is water. Alternatively buy a Bobble Bottle from local home store which filters water as you drink it. Soft plastic bottles are not recommended.



21 Get out in the Fresh Air every day. Nature has a soothing and uplifting effect. Exercise AT LEAST 30 minutes 3 times a week This is advised by the World Health Organisation ! Aerobic exercise is preferable (eg. brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, gym). Following exercise, after shower or bath, use Breath of Life oil all over twice per week.

22 Plan your exercise or it will not happen! Exercise helps improve circulation, gives a sense of well being, helps the body to handle stress, increases fitness and vitality, and prevents illness. If meeting a friend for a chat, go for a walk instead of a cuppa. In clinical trials, exercise alleviates mild/moderate depression in more than 85% of cases. During exercise, endorphins are released which can enhance the mood.


23 Do power nap every day as shown at your consultation. Lie on a couch or bed, elevate feet, (at 45 degrees) darken the room, and turn off the phone. Close your eyes, use deep-breathing and mentally escape to nature. The Power Nap restores energy and calm. Relaxation between 12 mid-day and 3pm is ideal if you can fit it in. Meditation CD for power nap (beach, lake, forest, mountain) available in clinic.

24 Keep life simple, this goes for everything: clothes, meals, and lifestyle. Keep your house, car, bedroom and working space clutter free. Plan activities, events and meals ahead to avoid stress.



25 Try to be positive and content with your life. Aim to live in the present. Try to enjoy each moment. Preoccupation with the past leads to depression. Preoccupation with the future leads to anxiety. Try not to criticise yourself or others. Try not to moan or nag. Mindfulness courses are very useful, ask in clinic for details.

26 Develop a sense of humour. Learn to laugh at yourself. If something fails, it is not the end of the world. Take it as one of life’s lessons. Do something ‘FUN’ every week. Smile more!



27 Forgive yourself, God and others for your circumstances. You might need help with this one! Try to let go of things that happened years ago which hold you back from enjoying life to the full. Breath of Life Healing of Memories may help.

28 Pray more. Find a way of prayer you enjoy. It is the greatest power on earth.  In recent years, a scientific study proved that people who pray are happier and live longer! Like any relationship, prayer needs time to grow. Find a way to pray that you enjoy, ask for more information if you are interested.

29  Keep all relationships in good repair. Be willing to forgive even if difficult. Counselling is invaluable at times, excellent therapists available in Breath of Life. If you are going through a difficult time, talk to someone!

30 The power of prayer Ask friends to say a prayer for you. Contact Breath of Life and leave details of your special intentions. A team of people will pray for you. Prayer is the greatest power on earth.


Breath of Life, Tel (01) 8460942, 10 Village Court, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin, order online; shop.bolhealing.com

www.bolhealing.com, sales@bolhealing.com       

May all who enter here find peace of mind and joy of life             

19 Aug Why Juice?

  1. Juicing is a simple way to include high quality green veg in the everyday diet in an easy absorbable form.
  2. Other highly nutritious veg, herbs, wheatgrass and fruits, can also be included.
  3. Juicing is a great start to the day giving immediate energy and vitality.
  4. Breath of Life finds it particularly suitable for any chronic illness/conditions i.e. cancer, M.E., infertility, skin problems, exhaustion and digestive problems.
  5. Juicing takes only 10 – 12 minutes, a fantastic way to achieve some of your important 5 veg and fruit a day!
  6. GreenValu masticating juicer is excellent value at 195 euro (Breath of Life) it is simple to use and easy to wash http://www.greenvalu.ie/
19 Aug How to Juice

Roisin O'Kelly from Breath Of Life natural healing clinic in Dublin briefly demonstrates how to juice fruit & vegetables. 

19 Aug 10 Most common Conditions that we find respond well to Breath of Life healing programmes


Fatique/Low energy



Musculo-skeletal problems

Sinusitis/Chronic Respiratory problems

High blood pressure/high cholesterol

Skin problems

Digestive Complaints

Children’s complaints

Cancer support


10 most popular Remedies that patient consistently report help vitality and health

Personalised Herbal Formula – this is prescribed after a consultation in Breath of Life

Merlak – strong probiotic

Complex homeopathic LM8 Immune support, LM 10 Detox assist, LM63 Anxiety aid

Breath of Life Oil

Psyllium husks

Marigold cream with tea tree

Throat spray

Insomnia support capsules

Weight loss support capsules

Supplements - we sell a variety, most popular are general multivitamin, omega 3, vitamin b, vit c and vit d, cal. mag., zinc, garlic.


Committed to Excellence

Celebrating 20 years in practice 

18 Aug Cayenne Pepper
As the temperatures drop and the Winter months are in full swing a lot of people suffer from the cold. Some people feel the cold more than others, depending on their constitution. 

Usually people who feel the cold like to eat warm foods like soups and cooked foods and prefer warm drinks visa verse people who don't feel the cold (there's always that one person you see mid December walking around in a t-shirt!) prefer cold foods like salads and sambo's and would lean more towards cold drinks. For those of us who know what it feels like to constantly feel cold between November - February (unless wrapped in 25layers and sitting dangerously close to a fire with a cuppa) and for those of us who have accepted that the natural color of your hands, feet and face for these Winter months is purple, Good News!  there is a cheap and simple solution.... Cayenne Pepper... a simple spice sitting on your spice rack.
Cayenne Pepper can be taken as a powder *or used when cooking in vegetable form. *For more instant and efficient  results  take in powder form.

So what is it?
Cayenne pepper (pronounced K.N. pepper) is a natural herb extracted from the seeds of the fruit of a tropical shrub known as Capsicum. Different species of the same shrub produce green and red peppers and Cayenne pepper (red pepper) is also sold under the name Capsicum. It has a hot pungent spicy taste and has many uses in homeopathic practice as well as a hot spice for general cooking. It can be bought from most supermarkets as it is natural, safe and effective. Cayenne pepper is used in natural medicine for a variety of reasons, but is particularly effective on the circulatory system. It is regarded as a good purifier and is useful to clear general sluggishness, toxicity of the body, low energy and is an excellent ‘pick me up’.

What can it help?
Cayenne is a good remedy for problems with the circulatory system as it feeds the blood into the arteries, veins and capillaries, which all contribute to healing, and restores elasticity to the blood circulation. For people who feel the cold; cayenne pepper improves the circulation to the extremities making the hands and feet feel warmer. Many chronic ailments are thus helped, eg. sinusitis, chest complaints, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches and also mild cardiac problems. Cayenne also helps remove tar form the lungs of smokers and is especially useful for those trying to give up cigarettes. Up to 99% of illness is stored in the bowel, and as Cayenne helps detoxify the body there may be a change in bowel pattern as it gently ‘spring cleans’ the bowels and other important organs of excretion.

How to use it:
Cayenne is best taken first thing in the morning. About ¼ teaspoon is put into an eggcup with 2-3 spoonfuls of water, mix and throw back and follow with a glass of cold water (already poured). You can take it during the day if you forget, or even to give you a quick boost of energy. However, do not exceed the recommended dosage as set out below. Should you find Cayenne too unpalatable, it also comes in capsules under the name Capsicum (available in health shops only). *Not recommended for people on medication, especially blood thinners. Ring Clinic for further information.

1/8 -¼ of a teaspoon daily for 2 weeks – then one quarter spoonful twice per week for 2 weeks – then once per week thereafter. Cayenne/Capsicum suits most people, but discontinue if it is not suiting you. If taking a capsule take every second day for 2weeks and then 1 capsule per week for 2 weeks. Apart from the aforementioned bowel movements there are no side effects. Should you require any further information please phone the clinic at 8460942.
18 Aug How to take Cayenne Pepper

Roisin O'Kelly from Breath Of Life natural healing clinic in Dublin briefly demonstrates how to take Cayenne Pepper 

16 Apr 6 Top Tips for Weight Loss

As we approach the summer season, many people are hoping to shed a few lbs.


6 Breath of Life top tips for weight loss!


1. Eat slowly, chew the food well, use a small plate.


2. Plan your meals in advance.


3. Remember: ½ Vegetables, ¼  carbs, ¼ protein for each plate full of food is a good rule.


4. Avoid processed foods, preserved foods, all sauces, soft drinks and sugar.


5. Drink a fresh juice daily (now in our clinic you can buy a great juicer from Green Value for ONLY 195 euro!).


6. Weigh yourself twice a week and keep record (we find Tuesday and Friday best, asking someone to weigh you, maybe a friend, seems to work great for many people).

19 Mar Top Tips for Better Sleep!



  1. Make a cup of Camomile, Verbena or Valerian Tea bags during evening.


  1. Have a shower or warm bath (add 8drops lavender to bath, relax for 20mintues.) Apply diluted oil to tummy and feet- 10drops lavender in grape seed oil base.


  1. 4 drops of lavender on the pillow just before sleep.


  1. Small bowl of muesli 30mins before bed, followed by a cup of camomile or valerian tea. Alternatively, try a small sandwich of banana or turkey and lettuce. These are high tryptophane foods which help induce sleep.


  1. Insomnia herbs 30minutes before bed.(available from Breath of Life shop).


  1.  Take Cal.Mag (calcium magnesium) 800mgs, if diet low in calcium, with muesli.

      7. Eat plenty of alkaline foods; veg, soups, fruit, calming foods- porridge with honey, homemade soups, carrots/parsnips/turnips, salads great!

8. Do Power nap every day (see blog). .



Reduce or avoid tea, coffee, stimulating drinks after 6 pm,

5 Mar Breath of Life Natural Healing Oil

Breath of Life oil is recommended for a wide variety of complaints. In Ayurveda (Indian) medicine, it is customary to use many varieties of oil, applied to the skin to keep the body healthy. Breath of Life oil contains a combination of essential oils in a base of grape seed oil.  All of the following conditions have been tried, tested and have shown very positive results. In one case in 'St. Francis Hospice' up to 25 conventional creams and powders had been used for an infected, inflamed, burning, very itchy and irritating cancerous rash of the breast and chest. Immediate relief was obtained in this 80 year old lady. With one application, the rash improved greatly and she had the added benefit of being able to sleep peacefully. With several applications, the rash faded completely relieving all the irritating symptoms. We are not suggesting that the oil healed the cancer but it certainly improved the quality of this patient's life. This beautiful scented oil is absorbed through the skin and is carried in the blood stream. It has a wide effect on many systems in the body, aids healing at a deep level and raises the spirits.



Recommended for;


Maintenance of health

General aches and pains

Dry skin



Stiff joints

Period pain

Urinary problems

Recurrent infections

Repeated cold




Infected, inflamed skin





Low mood

Boosts general well being

As an addition in Detox programmes

As a support in cancer treatments


Please call the clinic for more information if necessary.

 You can order the oil online at www.bolhealing.com/shop or just give us a call (01) 8460942

50 mls – 6 euro

100 mls – 10 euro 

29 Jan Breath of Life Recommendation

10 top tips to clear stubborn or chronic viral infections quickly. Simple remedies make a great difference.

I have used this approach for many recurrent viruses with excellent results including Glandular fever, chronic respiratory infections, Post viral debility and even a few cases of HIV.


1. Drink plenty of water between meals, at least 30mls per kg body wt, that's about 2,000mls for the average person! 

2. Reduce all processed foods and dairy especially milk and cheese for 3 days minimum.

3. Increase all fresh fruit, veg. salads, soup, wholegrain.

4. Include home made chicken soup, - medically researched to clear mucus and chest infections. (Free range if possible)

5. Take Complex Homeopathy LM 8, ( Immune boost support) LM4  (Chronic Viral Aid) and LM10 General Detox Support, 10 drops of each in water frequently at first then 3 times per day.

6. Breath of Life oil contains Lavender, Tea tree and Eucalyptus in Grape seed base. Apply all over after a hot shower. Wear old tracksuit or dressing gown as it stains clothes.

7. Place 4 drops of Eucalyptus oil neat on tissue. Close eyes and slowly inhale the oils through the nose and hold for 10 seconds, then exhale. Repeat several times.

8. Vit C 1000mgs, Garlic 1000mgs, daily with main meal.

9. Massage the fingers, between the fingers and palms of hands vigorously, 5 minutes each hand. The reflex points for sinuses and lungs are easily drained; you do not need to be an expert. 

10. Kitchen press remedies which have proven viral effect, onion, garlic, ginger, sage, peppermint, cinnamon, thyme. Include in diet. Breath of Life Anti Viral Mix contains additional herbs including cayenne, Echinacea, elderflower and lemon balm which support the body in quickly overcoming the virus.

For further information ring Aisling on 8460942. HIV patients are welcome to visit Breath of Life if they are trying to support the Immune System to help prevent the common cold virus which can have a serious effect on an impaired immune system.


All of these remedies as LM8, LM10, LM4, Vit C, Garlic, Breath Of Life oil, Eucalyptus Oil andAnti Viral Aid mix are available from Breath Of Life.


See our website for more information and online shopping http://www.bolhealing.com/shop/

15 Jan Why Exercise?

It is my belief that modern man/woman…often unknowingly, ill-treat their bodies and therefore help to precipitate many of our current illnesses.

In a recent survey, three out of four people admitted to feeling unwell or not getting the most from their lives.

The following are examples of modern life which take their toll on health;


·          Spending long periods sitting behind a desk, commuting in cars, buses etc.

·          Using leisure time indoors, therefore missing out on daylight…..sunlight is a great source of vitamin D.

·          Getting little fresh air and outdoor exercise instead of indoor.

·          Bombarding our environment with traffic noise, loud music, computers, television, electronic games etc.

·          Eating too much processed foods


The day is well gone when man walked barefoot in all the elements while he gathered food requirements, but we have paid the price with sluggish bodies, fatigue and multiple illnesses which are easy preventable.

By taking some exercise 2/3 times a week you can greatly assist your body's recovery to full health.  Exercise benefits the body, mind and spirit.




·          Improves the circulation of the blood to every cell of the body.

·          Enhances the efficiency of each organ, especially the excretory organs.

·          Boosts the while cell count…..which strengthens the immune system.

·          Improves the body's ability to handle stress and recovery from illness.

·          Brings a feeling of vitality and well-being and minimises stress.

·          Lifts the spirit and it is proven that regular exercise helps to overcome depression in more than 80% of cases.


What is best?


If you are medically unwell or unfit please check with your doctor before partaking of any new exercise.

To begin, walking is probably the best exercise.  Wear loose clothing and good supportive shoes.  Try 15 minutes a day first and gradually increase to about 30-40 minutes of brisk exercise 2/3 times a week. Remember, sudden bursts of activity will do more harm than good and can result in damaged muscles, torn ligaments, strained heart muscle etc.  Swimming is always a good all round aerobic exercise as several groups of muscles are used.  Running too is good, but you must wear proper footwear and where possible run on grass or sand….running on hard concrete can eventually damage joints.

Outdoor exercise has the added advantage of supplying fresh clean air…try to get out to the countryside or beach as much as possible…even if it is raining….your skin is waterproof!! In this way you can appreciate the colours and shapes and sounds of nature, there is so much to marvel at and appreciate….and if you leave all of your negative thoughts at home you will benefit so much more!!

Roisin O'Kelly 
11 Dec Seven tips to keep the brain sharp

1. Aerobic exercise

2. Mental stimulation

3. New learning

4. Reduce stress

5.  be socially active

6. Improve your dietary habits

7. Think young!

8. Herbs to support brain rosemary, oats, gota kola. 



Seven tips to keep the brain sharp


1. Aerobic exercise

2. Mental stimulation

3. New learning

4. Reduce stress

5. be socially active

6. Improve your dietary habits

7. Think young! 


Seven tips to keep the brain sharp


1. Aerobic exercise

2. Mental stimulation

3. New learning

4. Reduce stress

5. be socially active

6. Improve your dietary habits

7. Think young!

11 Dec Merlak

Merlak is a good quality strong probiotic which quickly helps to replace the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, particularly in the colon. This helps to build the Immune system. The modern typical Irish diet is high in yeast and sugar and on an everyday basis causes a low grade candidiasis. Low energy, mood swings, anxiety, fungal rashes, PMT, poor sleep and many other symptoms can make life miserable. The use of drugs, especially antibiotics, contraceptive pill and hormone replacement also reduces the beneficial bacteria which keeps us in good form and health. People taking regular alcohol e.g. wine and beer also benefit greatly from probiotics.


Candida is known as a modern illness. Our grand-parents ate a low yeast and sugar diet; Porridge, home made soups, wholesome dinners, soda bread and fruit and vegetables. There is no doubt that avoiding all forms of yeast and sugar relives Candida symptoms. However, most people find this type of diet difficult. In Breath of Life many patients find Merlak a God send, making life a lot easier!


Merlak may be taken, 10 drops twice daily on an empty stomach while following a normal dietor while avoiding yeast and sugar. The more severe the symptoms, the stricter the diet needs to be. Merlak helps repair damage which may be caused by antibiotics. It may be necessary to take it for 8-12 weeks following prolonged antibiotics. There are no known side effects, just good effects. A four week course (1 bottle) is a good pick me up or can be taken as part of a Detox. Some patients report no adverse effects from alcohol and take it before going out to parties, wedding and special occasions!


Merlak was developed in a laboratory by a microbiologist in University CollegeCork. It is 800 times stronger than natural yogurt.


For further information, phone Breath of Life Natural Healing Clinic, (01) 846 0942, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays (all day) and Wednesday mornings. (Answering machine at other times.)

11 Dec Chicken Soup Recipe (Healing soup)


4 large carrots

2 medium onions

1 small parsnip

3 sticks celery

6 medium potatoes

6 cloves of garlic

Cup of soup mix (lentils, split peas and barley)

Cup of brown rice

½ cup finely chopped fresh parsley

Fresh thyme, a few sprigs

Large chicken or 4 chicken fillets

2 tbsp olive or sunflower oil

½ tsp sea salt

Black pepper, good pinch

2 pints of veg stock or water




  1. Prepare chicken; remove skin. Cut in to portions or cook whole chicken
  2. Heat oil and fry chopped onion and garlic gently without browning for about 5mins.
  3. Add veg. (excluding potato) cover and cook gently until oil is absorbed.
  4. Add remaining ingredients, bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hour. May be cooked in pressure cooker for 20mins.
  5. May be eaten immediately or liquidised or frozen for 6 weeks.


This soup has been medically proven to drain sinuses and boost the immune system.


For further information, Phone Roisin O' Kelly at Breath of Life Natural Healing, (01) 846 0942, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays 9.30am-5.30pm. (Answering machine at other times.)

11 Dec Roisin's interview on Ireland AM discussing headaches, stress and insomnia

Breath of Life Clinic

Lately a lot of people are attending the clinic complaining with headaches. From a Naturopathic point of view headaches can be from many causes; toxicity of liver / bowel, stress, lack of water, hormonal imbalance, food allergies etc. This is an interview that might be helpful if you are searching for an answer for your headache. I hope you enjoy it and learn something that will improve your health. 




Breath of Life Clinic




1         Include 5-7 portions of salad or vegetables or fruit every day.
98% of people do not eat enough fresh food.

2         Increase SALADS, lettuce (different types), tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, peppers, grated carrot, chopped celery, sprouted seeds/beans, fresh coleslaw, etc.

3         Increase VEGETABLES, carrots, parsnips, turnip, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fresh peas, spinach, celery, cauliflower, asparagus, potatoes,  etc.

4         Increase FRUIT, apples, oranges, bananas, pears, kiwis, peaches, melon, plums,  etc.

5         Avocados are a particularly nutritious food. Have one weekly!

6         Manuka honey in place of sugar boosts immune system, prevents infections.

7         Increase ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS. Everyone needs more EFA in their diet.  They are used medically to reduce cholesterol and heart disease. Great for improving energy, well being and skin. Flaxseed, Olive, Sesame, Evening Primrose, Udos or Cod Liver Oil are recommended on a daily basis. Use 1-2 dessert spoons per day. Omega 3 EFA's are especially helpful in reducing cholesterol and can be taken as a supplement in capsule form- also can be used as a dressing for salads, stir-fries added to porridge etc. A little butter is fine if intake of saturated fat is low from other sources. 

8         Increase WHOLE -GRAINS as much as possible, brown rice, porridge, muesli, barley, millet, quinoa, ryvita, rice cakes, oat cakes, whole grain bread.

9         Use organic food, particularly meat, chicken and eggs which contain a lot of hormonal additives

10     Broccoli and carrots have anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.

11     Start the day with fruit and water. Pear, kiwi, melon, pineapple are best.

12     Eat fruit between meals or 20 minutes before meals, not after meals.

13     For better digestion, do not mix raw and cooked food together. eg. homemade soup and then salad, or coleslaw with dinner.

14     Reduce SALT as it causes fluid retention, increases desire for sweet things (yin and yang balance) and can lead to raised blood pressure. Use sea salt instead sparingly, chopped kelp even better.

15     Reduce SATUATED FAT. Obvious sources are easy to avoid, fries, chips and fatty meat. Not so obvious are cakes, biscuits, crisps and dairy.

16     Reduce SUGAR - cakes, sweets and biscuits, occasional indulgence is okay. Have smaller portions, eat them slowly and enjoy them. Stop feeling guilty.

17     Cut down on sugar, give up soft drinks completely. An average can of soft drinks contain at least 12 tsp of sugar. Use pure fruit juices instead, dilute with 50% of water. Home juicing ( fruit + veg) is best of all. 1 apple 1 carrot and 1 celery stick juiced makes a cleansing alkaline and nutritious drink. Use residue in soups. Centrifugal Juicers are fine.

18     If you use sugar on cereals substitute with a good quality honey. It is alkaline, calming and delicious.


19     Many people eat too much yeast, present in sliced bread, rolls mushrooms, fermented foods, wine etc.  Excess yeast leads to fungal infections, mood swings, fatigue and many other symptoms. Soda bread is best. Gin and Vodka contains no yeast.

20     Have breakfast like a king and supper like a pauper. Do not eat heavy meals after 8pm. Liver cleanses between 11pm and 3 am- ideally aim to be in bed for this time as the liver works best in a lying down position.

21     Generally, follow blood group diet if you know your blood group. It is like putting good quality fuel into a car, it will run more efficiently.

22     FASTING – Short fasts work wonders. Try a day or two with fresh juices, vegetables, fruit or soup only. Fasting cleanses the colon and liver, giving a great boost to energy and healing chronic ailments. Take Milk Thistle 15 drops twice daily to help detox.

23     Have an early dinner occasionally and a late breakfast the following day to allow 14-18 hours fast to help body detox naturally.

24     Drink 4-6 glasses ( filtered preferably) water daily between meals. Ideally, have a large glass of water 20 minutes before each meal.

25     If you can afford it have a water filter fitted to your tap(0l 4920414)

 Simply Water - Adrian Hamilton mention Roisin O'Kelly)

26     Water filtering is the next best thing to removing excess chlorine and fluoride.

27      70% of the body weight is water. On testing most people are a little dehydrated

so it is very unlikely that your intake of water is excessive.



28     Get out in the fresh air every day, 40 minutes aerobic exercise  (eg. brisk walking)

      3 times a week is advised by the W.H.O.

29   Exercise is important to keep the body's organ's healthy, it improves circulation, gives a sense of well being, helps the body to handle stress and increases fitness and vitality. Plan it or it will not happen. If meeting a friend for a chat, go for a walk instead of a cuppa. A recent American medical survey proved that exercise alleviates depression in more than 85% of cases. Endorphins are released which enhance the mood

30   Have a daily bath shower or swim. Water washes away more than physical dirt. Get to bed before 12 most nights and have a couple of early nights each week

31   If you have no time to exercise every day Do-Ins is a marvellous pick me up simply tap arms, legs, chest and tummy with closed fist for 5 minutes invigorating !

32   Try to get the balance of mind, body and spirit correct. Some people are fanatical about diet but never exercise. Food Fresh Air and Exercise where do you fall down?


33   Approach life graciously not hectically.

34   Have a quiet time everyday 20-30 minutes. Relaxation between 12 mid-day and 3pm is great if you can fit it in lie on a couch or bed, darken the room, take the phone off the hook, closing your eyes use deep-breathing and and mental imagery to restore energy and calm

35   Relaxation is something we all need. Many of us have forgotten the art and may need to re-learn it Practice it often. Reflect prayerfully on your past letting go of negative feelings

36 keep life simple, this goes for everything, cloths, meals, lifestyle.

37   Smile more it relaxes all your facial muscles.

38   Aim to be a positive person. Adopt a sense of gratitude in all you do

39   Do not criticise yourself or others. Criticism lowers your life force.

40  Do not moan------- Accept your situation or take steps to change it.

41  Do not nag---------  We are all guilty of this at times



42     Try to love yourself as you are----Give yourself a true sense of value

43     Live in the present, enjoy the moment Preoccupation with the past leads to depression. Preoccupation with the future anxiety.

44     Develop a sense of humour. Learn to laugh at yourself. If something fails, it is not the end of the world. Take it as one of life's lessons.

45     Have fun a couple of times a week. This covers a multitude

46     Childish games can be fun. Pillow fights, hide and seek, tickling, chasing, comedy films all help




47     Forgive yourself, God and others for your circumstances. You might need help with this one! Prayer is the key to peace, joy direction and wisdom in life. Counselling may help if you have deep – rooted problems.

48     Lately a new CD Rom on alternative health is available. Prayer is explored as a natural therapy as has been proven to improve health. Incredible as it sounds people who pray are happier and live longer.

49     Like any relationship, prayer needs time to grow. The first step is to make a time and place. Early in the morning is highly recommended.

50     Suggested prayer forms-Scripture is God's love letters to us You could start with St. Mathew's Gospel versus 5,6and7 – nuggets of wisdom for everyday life or the Psalm of James 1 for times when life is difficult. Mass, Rosary, Meditation,  and Prayer Groups are other options. Find a way to pray that you enjoy. It is the greatest power on earth.                                                       

 Rosin O' Kelly 

4 Dec Why Forgive?

Sometimes, we carry scars with us from our past which prevents us from enjoying life fully. Occasionally, these scars act as a barrier to healing. So, it is necessary to travel back for one last look before we experience freedom from the past. This permits us to live at peace in the present.


How to forgive?

By reflecting prayerfully on our lives from the earliest memory up to the present time, we can now clearly see what has caused the pain. This may be stressful, although a healing process, as old wounds of fear, rejection, guilt, anger and lack of forgiveness etc. are opened. However, it seems to help many people to take courage by forgetting the past, by initially remembering it with a deep sense of forgiveness. This does not mean that we spend long periods moping or carrying out self analysis, rather it means that we deal with the past by visiting it in the subconscious mind and accepting all its negativity, pain and suffering. There are three stages;


1.                               We must forgive people who have hurt us in any way- physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

2.                               We must forgive god for anything we may blame him for… think about this, if we are honest, it covers a multitude.

3.                               We must forgive ourselves for any regrets or guilt we carry with us. Perhaps, we feel we took the wrong path in life at times? - But even they can work out well if we put our trust in a loving and forgiving god.

Deciding to forgive in all three areas is the most difficult, but the most important step.


How to make the Journey


1.      Talk it out- with a close friend.

2.      Write it down- then later, tear it up.

3.      Think through it- create a suitable atmosphere to enhance relaxation, i.e. a dim light (perhaps a candle) with restful surroundings and gentle music- all these will assist you to remember the details of your past. Sit comfortably and closing your eyes, try to remember the details of your past life, from your earliest memory up to the present moment. Recall especially significant events which may have caused pain in any way.


Dividing the years into periods may be helpful

0-10 years



30 up to the present time.


0-10  years: travel back to your earliest memory, perhaps pre-school or play school years. Think of the house in which you lived- picture the rooms and the furnishings, as you remember them…imagine each member of your family…friends….neighbours… etc.

How did u feel then? Loved? Well cared for? Lonely? Misunderstood? Were you sent of to school unprepared for the wrench from your parents? Or were you gently introduced into a new world of independence and looking forward to school? Did you feel frightened or secure?

                Think about relationships at this time… were there sisters. Brothers or friends you did not find easy to love or forgive? Prayerfully reflect on this period and forgive anyone who knowingly or unknowingly hurt you in any way. Realise that often these people are unaware of your suffering.


10-20 years: were these years happy or traumatic? For most people, the teen years are a difficult time of transition (from childhood to adult life). This is a time when competitiveness in sport, school or leisure pursuits can be all consuming. What was first in your life at this time? How was school? Enjoyable?  A strain? Was it difficult to keep up to parents/guardians, teachers expectations? Did u enjoy learning? Orwas it a struggle?

                Reflect on relationships at this time… who were your friends? Did u travel down wrong paths in the pursuit of pleasure, experiencing sex, drunks, excessive use of alcohol? At any time did you turn from god and deny his existence? If you did, be at peace and accept his forgiveness. Forgive yourself for anything you regret and forgive others who have inflicted pain on you during this time in any way. If you caused unnecessary anxiety and suffering to your parents apologies to them in your sub-conscious, to relieve yourself of all guilt.


 20-30 years: moving into this period in life most people arrive at a general decision as to their direction e.g. marriage, a career such as teaching, nursing, office work etc. usually they have started a steady job and perhaps the main goal in life is to make money. What was your main aim in life at this time? If married, did you move into a new phase and successfully share your life with your partner? Did you expand your love to include your children? Or was this a difficult time? Emotionally? Financially?

Reflect on the different homes you have lived … remember each set of friends you made… recall any relationships which caused you in pain… think of the people who have hurt you… and again forgive… others… god… yourself.

Continue in this fashion up to the present moment in your life. Remember no one has a perfect past! Reflect on your present life in relationships… in making this journey of forgiveness, you will experience a freedom from the past and a peace of mind and heart which will enable you to live happily in the present. Try to live at peace with others, forgiving as soon as you are hurt. If at any time a situation reminds you of the pain of the past, do not panic, as this is quite normal. The twinge in your heart will pass, just relax.

Sometimes, it may be suitable to reach out to others to through the spoken word, a letter, a phone call or a visit, to be at complete peace. Usually, the other person is only too happy to forgive. So take courage, realise your own worth and remember 'not to forgive' could mean heart-ache and further suffering for you.


4 Dec Dementia prevention simplified

1. Don't worry - why bother?

Laugh instead. Talk things out if you can.


2. Read a lot -

Especially Scripture and good language.


3. Have good friends.

Be faithful. Care for family.


4. Eat well- avoid junk food.

Take vitamins and fish oils and roughage.


5. Drink plenty of water.

Don't smoke. Moderate alcohol.


6. Enjoy listening to good music

And sing if you like to.


7. Love silence and peace.

Meditate simply.

Close eyes, close mouth, open heart.


8. Avoid too much noise and TV.

Get enough sleep. Rest your eyes.


9. Be forgiving. Let go all resentments.

Be easygoing and very tolerant.


10. Pray as you can and enjoy nature.

Be hopeful.

"A cheerful heart is good medicine"- Bible



1. Eat a healthy diet. Base your diet around fresh fruit, plenty of vegetables, salads, homemade soups, wholegrains, (oats, muesli, brown bread and rice) seeds, good quality oils, moderate amounts of fish, fowl, meat and dairy. Drink 4-6 glasses of water daily, (preferably filtered or bottled.)

2. Get regular fresh air and exercise. Minimum exercise recommended by World Health Organisation is 40 mins, 3 times a week.


3. Enjoy life. Be positive, have fun and look on the bright side. Try to keep the sunny side up!

4. Find a quiet time every day to 'switch off.' Plan it or it will not happen. Physical and mental relaxation 15-30 mins between 12-3pm is ideal.


5. Keep relationships in good repair. Forgiveness is the key to joy.

6. Find a way of prayer you enjoy. It is the greatest power on earth. It will help you to be more happy, peaceful, directed and loving. Enjoy nature more. Walking on the beach, in the park or countryside can be a spiritual experience.


History of Buteyko

Konstantin Buteyko was born in 1923 in Russia into a peasant family. His family background deterred him in no way as he graduated with an honours degree in Medicine in1952. He was very interested in Respiratory Problems of a recurrent and chronic nature. Initially, his technique met with very little support but is now widely practised in Russia. This incredible therapy came to the West in 1990, spread quickly to Australia and New Zealand who have more asthmatics than anywhere else in the world. It is only in the last couple of years that it is used in Ireland, which has had an alarming rise in asthmatics in young and old.

The Problem

Carbon dioxide is one of the most important regulators of the human body. When levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the blood are lowered, the chemical bond between oxygen (O2) and haemoglobin (Hb) increase. If CO2 drops in the blood, it is more difficult to release O2 to the cells that need it. This leads to further breathlessness and a vicious cycle ensues. As breathing increases, CO2 is further reduced with each breath. CO2 is very important in helping the body to use to O2 properly. It is a natural bronchodilator.

Buteyko practitioners believe that over breathing is habitual in our society, especially in asthmatics. Many people, especially children breathe through their mouths, taking in more than they need. In Eastern systems breath control is encouraged – meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, etc, breathing through the nose is much healthier and natural. 
In Butekyo, it is believed that the spasm of the airway and the development of mucus and phlegm is the body's ability to trap CO2. Conventional medicine chooses broncho- dilators, which force open the airway, and the body responds with a stronger asthmatic attack.

The Solution

Simply, teach asthmatics to breathe in a shallower way...the lungs will then return to normal and the symptoms will disappear. Children respond very quickly, regardless of how severe. The principle is to 1.Breathe out through the nose then hold for as long as possible (aim for 40 - 60secs) then 2.Breathe in slowly through the nose as calmly as possible. With practise, interval of breath holding will lengthen. Inability to hold the breath for less than 30 secs. suggests over-breathing or hyperventilation. Under 10 secs. is very poor.This is a technique which 'practise makes perfect.' Practise every day for at least 10 mins. Severity, duration and frequency of attacks are lessened until the breathing problem subsides completely. Do not discontinue conventional medication without Dr's consent.



Lie face down, breath slowly, relax completely for 4 -5 mins.(Extension)

Remain face down, place elbows under your shoulders, relax completely, for 4-5 mins.

Straighten your elbows, relax pelvis and back of legs, push up top half of body gently.
Hold for 1 to 2 seconds, return to stand position. (Extension)

Stand upright, legs slightly apart, place hands in the small of your back, fingers pointing downwards. Bend gradually backwards as far as you can. Hold for 1-2 seconds (Extension)

Lie flat on your back, knees bent, hug knees towards chest tightly. Roll towards (left) very slowly return to centre, roll towards (right) very slowly return to centre.(Flexion)

Sit on chair, legs well apart, rest hands on knees, bend down towards floor sliding hands along shins to ankles. (Flexion)


Do You……….

1. Enjoy life to the full? 

2. Have a good appetite, enjoy your food, generally not over-eat and not rush meals? 

3. Have plenty of energy but with the ability to relax?

4. Enjoy exercise with the minimum of aches and pains? 

5. Have a bowel motion at least once a day? 

6. Have a positive outlook that tries to look for the good in every situation? 

7. Have a spiritual dimension to your life, material things taking second place? 

8. Have a calm, peaceful, forgiving approach to events as they arise, letting go of the past so as to live with enthusiasm in the future? 

9. Empathise with the suffering and celebrate with the joyful, not just locally but globally?

10. On occasion, laugh at yourself, not taking life too seriously?

What did you score out of 10?

4 Dec Complementary Care of Cancer Patients
Complementary Care of Cancer Patients
Breath of Life Clinic Programme  – Roisin O Kelly, Naturopath/Herbalist

Having worked for 15 years as a nurse (including oncology nursing) and 20 years as a complementary therapist, I am appalled recently to see the frequent occurrence of cancer, particularly in young people. It is compassion for these patients who suffer so much which has prompted me to give write this article and make some helpful, effective and safe tips available. Complementary does not mean alternative. The advice here is in addition to what your cancer consultant advises. From my experience, they work well together. Many of the suggestions have research behind them, others are ones I have found very useful while working with numerous patients in my clinic.  Cancer is not a simple disease and it does not have a simple cure. However, I have seen many patients respond favourably when the approach is to boost the immune system through the following guidelines, which is to give cancer patients the best fighting chance. As natural therapists, we do not treat cancer. We treat the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually. Often, the person soon feels better, copes a lot better and the quality of life improves. Life has value. Sometimes the patients recovers, sometimes the patient does not recover. We can only do our best.
 May God bless your journey.

1.       Diet
 Eat unprocessed foods, as near their natural state as possible. Eat a diet low in yeast, salt, sugar and saturated fat. Include plenty of fresh vegetables, raw and cooked, especially green veg, salads, soups, whole grains, oily fish, fresh nuts, seeds and fresh fruit. Eat organic if possible. Fiber is important to avoid constipation. Enjoy your food. If you hate what you are eating and feel miserable, it is not making you healthier ! Get enough protein for repair of the body. Be careful of extreme diets, they weaken the body further.  During Chemo, appetite and digestion is poor. Nutritious juices and soups are recommended at this time.  Tea and white toast may seem tempting if tummy is unsettled but please try different nutritious foods to find something which suits you.

2.      Fresh air and Exercise
Keep moving to improve circulation to every cell of the body. The blood carries vital oxygen and nutrients to every organ. In TCM, cancer is sometimes considered stagnation in the flow of energy. Swimming, Dancing, Cycling is great if you are well enough. Boosts immune system. If your friends asks you 'what can I do to help ?.. ask them to pick you up and drive to somewhere beautiful in nature. Go for a walk instead of coffee and a cake ! If confined to house, do some simple exercises or short walks.

3.      Positive Attitude
I know this is not an easy one ! Stay in the day. Try not to project forward to next week or next month. Worry does not change anything. If you read the bible, you might realise we are told 365 times not to be anxious or afraid, once for every day of the year. If you are a worrier, I strongly recommend a complex homeopathic remedy called LM63 for anxiety. Take 10 drops 3 times daily. Learn to meditate. Practice deep breathing to reduce stress. Music is uplifting. Make a dvd of your favourite songs. Wear bright colours. Burn oils at home. Sit in nature often. Do 'Something Fun', laughter workshops are great.

4.      Relaxation
Adequate rest and sound sleep. Do not work to the point of exhaustion. Go to bed before 11 most nights. If you do not sleep well, take some Camomile, Passionflower,  Oats in capsule form. A few drops of Lavender essential oil on the pillow will help. Ensure your room is dark (raises melatonin). Ideally, do power nap between 12-3pm.

5.      Go NATURAL
Our bodies are bombarded with chemicals from the moment we shower in the morning. In recovery phase, use the minimum of chemicals from deodorants, after shaves, perfumes, make up, soaps, shampoos, fake tans, nail polish, hair colours, household products etc. Use plain white soap to wash and Breath of life oil as moisturiser. Wear natural fibres, (cotton/ linen) unrestrictive clothing and flat shoes, especially around the house. Allow your skin to breathe.  Limit exposure to electro-magnetic radiation from computers, mobile phones and microwaves.

6.      Supplements
Supplement your diet with a good quality multivitamin including the important anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C and E. Take selenium and Omega 3 Fats, e.g. flax seed oil.
 Vit D3 (the sunshine vitamin) has a lot of scientific support which suggests it helps boost immune system. Depending on the type of cancer , addditional supplements may help. Dr Neil Mc Kinney is a Physician and Naturopath. His book 'Naturally, There is Hope' gives lots of useful guidelines but please do not self-prescribe. Get professional advice from a Nutritional therapist or Naturopath. Always let your doctor know what supplements and herbs you are taking.

7.      Herbs
Some of the herbs which have shown positive effects in research are Astragalus, Echinacea, Ashwagandha, Bupleureum, Milk Thistle, Feverfew, Burdock,Tumeric, Sutherlandia, Butchers Broom, Cat's Claw, Artemesia, Sheep sorrel, Codonopsis, Peau D'arco and Wheatgrass. They should be prescribed by a trained and registered herbalist and may be given in a personalised formula as a tincture. Some herbs have precautions. Others block the absorption of certain medicines so again, please do not self-prescribe and do ensure Oncologist is happy for you to use them. Generally, herbs are stopped day before chemo for 3 days.

Esssiac, an herbal decoction contains Burdock, Slippery elm, Indian rhubarb and Sheep sorrel.Take at night as herbal tea. I have used it for many years and find this tea a gentle, natural and effective detox.
Breath of Life oil
Contains a blend of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea tree in a base of Grapeseed. Apply all over the body twice per week after a shower paying special attention to cancer area. Apply daily to area of cancer, e.g. breast, prostate, chest.  Do not put directly on wounds or broken skin. Lavender helps stress, Eucalyptus is renown for its warming properties and Tea tree for its anti-fungal/anti yeast effects. It stains your clothes so wear old dressing gown for 30 mins until absorbed.

8.      Reflexology
In Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital, Reflexology is recommended for patients who have had chemotherapy and radium and good results are reported. Fortnightly sessions are recommended in Breath of Life. Useful as adjunct therapy.

9.      Healthy Relationships
If there are colleagues, friends or family members you have argued with in the past, if you can, it is really a good idea to 'let go' and forgive. A letter, email or phone call is often enough. You may need help with this one!
10.   Prayer /Spirituality
Prayer is powerful. Find a way you enjoy. Many people receive great hope from reading the bible or saying the Rosary. For others, sitting quietly in the garden, or simply admiring beautiful flowers is, in itself, a prayer. Ask family and friends to pray for you. For me, attending mass is important but in my experience, all forms of prayer are good.

Summary - My view of cancer
Cancer is an imbalance in the body, similar to a see-saw out of balance. Each of the 10 appproaches outlined above help tip the see saw into balance in some small way. The aim of Breath of Life is to help the patient be as healthy as possible on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Our mission statement is 'May all who enter here find peace of mind and joy of life'
Breath of Life, Portmarnock, Co Dublin, 01 8460942, Office hours Tues/Thurs/Fri 9.30 -5.30pm roisin@bolhealing.comsales@bolhealing.com  www.bolhealing.com
If you have any additional health tips for patients suffering with cancer, I would be happy to hear from you. 
1 Dec The Power Nap
We all have experienced that 3 O' Clock lull where it feels like time isn't moving and you just want to fall asleep on your desk/ Kitchen table! So instead of reaching for that cuppa coffee for the caffeine boost or that bar of chocolate for the sugar rush, why not try something that will benefit your body and your mind. The Power Nap! Not only does the power nap re energizes your body but it also gives you a chance to de-stress and regroup your thoughts, mentally preparing you for what lies ahead of you for the rest of the day and not allowing stress get the better of you.

The power nap is an important tool of natural healing and is a major contributory factor in helping people enjoy life to the full. The average person starts the day with a reasonable amount of Qi (life force energy). This is depleted as the day progresses through work pressures, busy schedules, lack of fresh air or exercise, poor diet or lack of quiet time. Even after a good night’s sleep and a nutritious diet, the Qi is reduced by lunch time. Qi drops further by 2-3pm, especially if lunch is difficult to digest. Some people actually feel sleepy and nod off. The power nap is an invaluable tool if carried out between 2-6pm, particularly if the evening promises to be demanding! By learning to switch off mentally and becoming absolutely still physically for 20-30mins, essential energy is built up in the body. Some of the most common complaints we hear in the clinic are:

‘I am so tired as the day wears on, I have to drag myself around.’
‘By 6pm my energy is zilch, I could not possibly do anything in the evening.’
‘I am not too bad in the morning, but by 7pm, I am on the couch, I can hardly drag myself away from the TV to get ready for bed and even then I do not sleep well.’

Effect of Power Naps:

Body:  From a physical point of view, every system benefits. Muscles, joints, nerves, digestive organs, endocrine glands all benefit from perfect rest. Weakened areas of the body receive much needed healing from the power of stillness e.g chronic back ache, sore throats, constipation, stress. Energy rockets 30 minutes after the power nap. Instead of struggling through the second part of the day, there is vitality to enjoy and achieve your goals. The remainder of the day is no longer a chore. It can be entered with enthusiasm and positive energy.

Mind: Leaving decisions or worries until later benefits the person greatly. During relaxation, answers and new ideas surface. Following the power nap, there is a fresh approach to problems.

Spirit: Moving away from activity and practical things and moving towards nature, gives a sense of peace and joy which is carried into the remainder of the day.

How to Power Nap: (Can be adapted for use in offices or if travelling)
  • Lie down in a dark and quiet room. Wear an eye shield if necessary.
  • Turn off phones and play some relaxing music.
  • Elevate legs to a 45 degree angle and lie absolutely still.
  • Become aware of your breathing and try to relax each muscle group from head to toe.
Imagine a bright light moving from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
Picture a huge, peach coloured balloon. Write your problems on it and watch the balloon float away. Picture yourself in a beautiful place in nature, such as the beach. Visualise the atmosphere, the sounds, colours and feelings. See yourself walking, feel nature renewing your energy, imagine the warm sunshine on your hair. If you like, visualise a meeting with Jesus, Mary or a special friend. Walk along the beach, listen and share your feelings. After 20-30 mins, rise quietly. Ideally avoid talking for another 20 minutes, drink a glass of hot or cold water and eat a piece of fruit. Return gradually to your duties, remaining quiet and peaceful within yourself. 
21 Nov Tips for Chronic Sleep Problems
Everyone knows what it feels like at some point in their life to be sleep deprived; a mixture between sheer exhaustion and frustration while running on auto pilot for the day following the restless night before. Sleep is vital when it comes to our well being and its importance goes way beyond just banishing our under eye circles.

Our bodies need sleep in order for the simplest bodily functions to work..memory, concentration, stress levels, repair of muscles, regulation of hormones.... the list goes on and on. 

So weather you lie awake at night for hours unable to fall asleep, or you wake up from a pin dropping during the night or perhaps you have no problem falling asleep it's only when you wake during the night for a glass of water or to go to the bathroom that your insomnia kicks in. Here are a few tips to help you fall in to that deep dreamy sleep we are all so desperate for....

1.      Use Chamomile or Valerian Tea bags before going to bed. Avoid caffeine late at night/evenings.

2.      Have a shower or warm bath (add 8drops lavender to bath, relax for 20mintues.) Apply diluted oil to tummy and feet- 10drops lavender in grape seed oil base.

3.      Small bowl of muesli 30mins before bed, followed by a cup of camomile or valerian tea.

4.      Insomnia herbs 30minutes before bed. Herbal blend of passionflower, Valerian, skullcap,oats and chamomile. (Contact clinic for further details)

5.       Take Cal.Mag (calcium magnesium) 800mgs, if diet low in calcium, with muesli.

6.      Eat plenty of alkaline foods; veg, soups, fruit. Reduce or avoid tea, coffee, stimulating drinks. Calming foods- porridge with honey, homemade soups, carrots/parsnips/turnips, salads great!

7.      Do Power nap every day.

~Sweet Dreams~
17 Nov The Truth about Detoxing!!
Ok, so usually when people think of 'Detoxes' they automatically think of liquid diets, rabbit food and hunger pains! Detoxes also usually only ever come in to play to get rid of that guilty conscience that's developed after over indulging or in the run up to a big event i.e. Birthday parties, Weddings, School reunion, Christmas nights out... Places where you know all eyes will be on you!  

However, Detoxes don't have to be a 'punishment' for bad eating habits or a quick fix to get in to shape before 'D Date'! Detoxing should be part of your everyday lifestyle! It should not be looked upon as a 'Diet' but as good nutritional choices that you consciously make on a daily basis because you understand what foods your body like and need in order for you to feel at your optimal health!

Here in Breath of Life we have the motto that 'A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT YOU FANCY DOES YOU GOOD' So for example instead of eating a bar of chocolate with your cuppa in the evenings just have a 2 squares or instead of having that big slice of apple tart after dinner, half it with someone else! The idea is that your still getting a taste of what your craving but not over indulging where it will ruin all your good work for the day...

Below is a basic outline on what your everyday 'Detox' should entail... 

Increase: Natural Foods

1        Plenty of fresh vegetables (cooked and raw), salads, home-made soups and 2-3 pieces of fruit daily. Use wholegrain products in place of white flour products (e.g. brown rice, wholemeal bread, etc.)

2        Fruit or water to start every day, pears, kiwi and melon
are particularly good because of their cleansing effect on the bowel. Allow 20 minutes before eating breakfast ( if possible).  Have a good breakfast, fruit or water, muesli or porridge. Wholemeal cereals are best.  Have a large salad or home-made soups daily and plenty of vegetables with main meal.

3    4-6 glasses of filtered or bottled water daily between meals. Drink water at room temperature, not very cold. If you drink a lot of tea or coffee substitute a cup or two with a cup of boiling water adding a slice of lemon or orange.

Yummy fruit and Veg: Can be eaten raw or cooked, blended in to a soup, Juiced or used in a smoothie with natural yogurt   


1        Sugar sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, jams, ice-cream, red meat, yeast, tea/coffee, alcohol and sugar in tea. Avoid processed food as much as possible as they usually contain a large amount of sugar or salt.

2        Salt intake, use black pepper, herbs and a small amount of sea salt instead

3        Saturated Fat found in whole milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, meat, eggs and mayonnaise. Use low fat varieties. A little butter is acceptable.

Additional Advice

Exercise Some form of regular exercise 3-4 times a week is recommended by the World Health Organisation (walking and swimming are suitable for most people)

Rest do not work yourself to the point of exhaustion, take 15-30 minutes of relaxation ideally between mid-day and 3 pm every day to gather your thoughts and energy. This can greatly enhance well-being. Aim to be positive, calm, and forgiving and be aware of God’s presence in your daily life
6 Nov Wheel of Life
It is not easy to think 'healthy' all the time. As a Naturopath, I believe everything we do, eat, feel, think and wear can influence our daily vitality or zest for life. This chart might help to reflect on the balance in your own life.
The wheel of life runs smoothly if all the necessary requirements are met....balanced diet, exercise, fresh air, relaxation, sound sleep, positive thinking, etc..Regarding diet, aim for 90 % healthy. A litttle bit of what you fancy does you good Simple changes can make a great difference ! Have a look at this wheel and spot your weak areas !  Maybe take one spoke of the wheel to focus on each couple of days. You will soon feel the benefit. 
5 Nov Hello everyone!
My new blog is set up, watch this space for regular simple tips to improve health and vitality ! Also check us out on facebook :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Breath-of-Life-Clinic/268953923146959